Tinìa - Grappa Chianti Classico

A fine grappa obtained from the Poggetto pressed grapes and made by one of the most renowned distilleries in Italy.

Tinia grappa is aged in barriques for 10-12 months, during which period, it acquires the characteristic amber colour.

Cultivation: Since 2008 Azienda Agricola Poggetto registered as "Organic Operator in italy".

Marc: Deriving exclusively from the Poggetto vineyards.
Sangiovese 85% and Merlot 15%

Distillation period: End of December after 3 months.

Type of distillation: Intermittent, in small copper boilers, with a current of steam.

Ageing: In oak barrels of 225 litres for 10-12 months.

Visual impression: Limpid, amber colour.

Olfactory sensations: Soft perfume of ripe fruit (apricot and cherry).

Alcoholic content: 45%